Taylor & Isai - Downtown Gainesville Anniversary Session

Isai & Taylor have a bit of a history and can say they’ve known each other most of their lives! (9 years old when they met.). They’ve been a “thing” for almost 10 years now!

They are now celebrating their almost 2 year wedding anniversary! To commemorate we took them to downtown Gainesville for a fun cityscape look to match their hipster vibes. We loved getting to explore a bit and just relish in their obvious adorableness.

We started at this really neat looking record shop and tavern (all in black and white). They are both musicians so it was very fitting! After those we were right in the middle of the main street and was in front of the beautiful theater. The light and colors were heavenly! We ventured down some alley ways, found an open square where they started dancing. Talk about swoon worthy! Our final stop was in front of this amazing colored wall at a billiard.

We had quite a bit of fun watching these two interact with each other! So honored to have captured those memories!


Women’s attire: H&M www.hm.com
Forever 21 www.forever21.com
Charlotte Russe www.charlotterusse.com
Urban Outfitters www.urbanoutfitters.com

Men’s Attire: H&M www.hm.com
Cotton On www.cottonon.com
Watch: Tree Hut Co www.treehutco.com
Shoes: Giorgio Brutini www.giorgiobrutini.com

Location: Downtown Gainesville

Emily & Jerrod - Soft Romantic Wedding - Wildwood, FL

Emily and Jerrod made their debut as Mr. & Mrs. Hubbard last month and I was so honored to be apart of their special day! I can tell you with complete honesty that this was one of the few weddings that have made me cry! Tears of joy of course!

Emily and Jerrod's wedding theme was clean, romantic and soft. With touches of pink and green! Emily's bouquet featured fragrant stargazer lilies in rich pinks! With elegant and bright details, Emily was sure to shine and she did just that! 

I was so pleased to have met these two and their day made for a great start of my 2017 wedding season. And my hybrid wedding season at that! 


Dresses: David's Bridal, Cake: Publix Bakery, Flowers: Martha's Flower and Gift Shop, Rings: Kay Jewelers, Hair & Makeup: Michael's Couture Salon, Groom's Attire: H&M, Earrings: Petite Delight, Invitations: VistaPrint, Photography: El & Em Photography, Film Processing: The Find Lab

Ashton & Tyler - The First Roll

I wrote about this awhile back but with the new site, here's an updated version!

I bought my 35mm camera almost 2 years ago with the desire to get into film. Of course with the cost of shooting film I was terrified of even trying! It took several months for me to even try a practice roll to see if the camera was even functioning. So I took my girls out to a blueberry farm and shot that first roll on consumer grade film. And to my surprise, it worked! Sadly I made the mistake of getting it developed at Walgreens. They did a horrible job. Never again! 

Several months passed before I would pick up that camera and try again. This time using a prograde film stock. The results you'll find below. 

Film is so unique. It catches and shares light differently than digital. Smooth highlights and rich black points call my name! After this roll, my career in film photography began. Just one roll did it for me. I gained the confidence I needed to step into this world and pursue it. Something I had been desiring for years! The colors, the softness, the timelessness. I fell hard. And I don't think I'll be going back! 

So here it is. In all it's imperfect beauty. The first roll. Shot on a $12 goodwill camera. 

Melissa & Derek - Engagement at Washington Oaks Beach

A few weeks ago Kara Brown (kbstudios) and I woke up before the sun on a cold morning and made our way up to the coast of St. Augustine for our first videography/photography session together. 

We'd been planning on doing one together for a few weeks now and I was so glad we finally did! The early morning drive, and long talks (with coffee of course!) was good for my soul. As was the adventuring through Washington Oaks Park/Beach and purely just getting to create. I loved helping Kara bring her vision together. I may have gotten a little sunburnt but for these images, it was totally worth it!

I challenged myself this session and shot ONLY film, and I'm so glad I did. I'm in love with how they turned out! Will be doing it again for my engagement/adventure sessions. 

Melissa & Derek were the sweetest people and must have ran around for us 50 times! We are certainly thankful for clients that are willing to go the distance! 

Here's the photos of the set AND the beautiful Engagement session video!

Brii & JT - Maternity Session

I recently had the honor of photographing the celebration of the first little one on the way for Brii & JT! Working with these two was a dream! Not only was Brii just stunning, but they were so wonderful as to follow me all over at least 10 acres of land! 

We found a quite spot behind a restaurant of all places and explored! Brii being 33 weeks pregnant was a total rock star and trekked through wilderness, heels and all! When it got rough, her sweet man carried her! How lovely!

I'm so excited for these two in their new journey as parents. Their sweet baby girl on the way will most certainly be so loved!  Their emotions throughout this session are so sweet I just couldn't wait to share! Enjoy!

All images shot on film. 


Caitlin - Wanderlust Session in the Groves

I met Caitlin a little over a year ago while we both started at the new Ulta in town! When we met we were convinced we knew each other some how... But to this day we still can't figure out where! (One of these days girl! Haha.)

I asked Caitlin awhile back to model for a wanderlust session. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to shoot some more film. 

After shooting this and receiving the scans from my awesome lab, I plan on incorporating more film into even just my regular sessions! I've only been shooting 1 roll at a time, so now I'll be doing at least 2!

We set off into a orange grove and had so much fun! My confidence with film is growing and I believe that it is showing through my work! It also helps that Caitlin is stunning on her own! I loved the way she was embodied on film. 

Here's a sneak peek of our little adventure!

Ashton & Tyler - Coffee is Life Session at Symmetry Coffee & Crêpes

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to hang out with two awesome friends of mine at a craft coffee shop and take pictures. Talk about a perfect way to start the day!

I've known Ashton & Tyler for a few years now from one of the churches we are apart of and they were the epitome of what I'd envisioned for this shoot! Their genuine friendship helped portray real connections and brought this shoot to life.

Symmetry Coffee and Crêpes hosted us and the light coming into that place is gorgeous! Not to mention their drinks are delicious. Special thanks to letting us shoot there!